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Foster Care

First Choice Therapeutic Foster Home Program provides intensive systems of support, sanctuary, skills training, counseling and clinical services for children who are unable to live with their own families. Our program also offers assistance to the family in resolving problems that necessitated the child’s placement. The child is then prepared for discharge and reintegrated into their family, when appropriate, or other less restrictive setting.

First Choice will provides a range of services to a child, and to the child’s parents upon the child’s return to the biological home (Re-unification).

These services include: (IHPS/AC-if applicable) 
a.     Counseling with the child and the parents   
b.     Scheduling of visits by the social worker   
c.     Identification of support services available in the community   
d.     Continuation of any treatment needed to maintain family stability and to prevent the behavior which resulted in the original removal of the child. 

Foster Parent Application

Happy Family


We have a Permanency unit in place to handle all caseloads that have a goal change or expected goal change. This unit will provide counseling and emotional support to parties involved in the adoption process. This unit is primarily responsible to work and ensure the overall well-being of the newly-formed family and help birth parents cope with the separation process.


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