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First Choice International Initiative (FCII)

First Choice CEO Mr. Tall, has been engaged in various philanthropic work overseas. He has been targeting vulnerable children that needs help or assistance with their daily living arrangements. Mr. Tall has established the First Choice International Initiative with the primary focus of meeting the basic needs of children especially those that are in various orphanage homes.  He strongly believes that  at-risk children often remain trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty that has plagued their families for generations.

FCII will continue to partner with other institutions or organizations in helping children who live in orphanage homes or in unspeakable circumstances. No child should be forgotten or live a single day without a meal. Mr. Tall has the passion and believes that children should be engaged and encouraged so that they can grow and become contributing members of their communities.

Below are some of the work that FCII has been engaged in:


a.    Brass For Africa  Orphanage Home

b.    Devine Healing Ministry Orphanage Program

c.    Old Folks Senior Center

a.    Milton Margai School for the Blind Children

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